The "Free" Gift

An often quoted, and very effective line for producing converts to the cult of Jesus(Christianity) is as follows:

What is so hard about accepting a FREE gift of salvation from the Lord Jesus Christ?
It doesn't require anything on your part, but to accept it.

If this gift truly required nothing as the claim says, then you wouldn't have to accept it to be saved.
This line of reasoning is used repeatedly by those trolling for converts in schools, offices, on TV, and just about anywhere else you find an aggressive member of the cult of Jesus.
It's the same nonsense that is spewed and taught in Bible study classrooms in most churches.

It sounds wonderful doesn't it? Everybody loves free gifts.
The problem is that the gift of salvation as taught in the Bible is anything but free.
It first requires that you perform a work. That work is believing Jesus is your Savior and that only he can serve as your intermediary with God. Of course it also means that you accept all the baggage that goes along with that.
It means you accept as truth that this "God" will punish people for the "sin" of disbelief(Mark 16:16, John 16:9, John 3:18, John 3:36, Heb 3:12, 1 John 2:22), it requires that you worship a God who will provide infinite punishment for finite sins, and it requires that you accept a God with the behavior of a rather manipulative, power hungry, petty tyrant.
It means you must abandon your mind to save your soul. You must confess Jesus is your Lord and worship him as such.
That act is a "work" in itself. Faith is also a work.

Make no mistake concerning the actual nature of this so-called "free" gift.
Salvation is exchanged for worship and it's nothing more than a holy barter system where you say the magic words and you are saved. On the surface it's cheap, easy, and painless. It appeals to anyone who doesn't want to be burdened with thinking for themselves, but it's in no sense "free".

This form of holy fire insurance is nothing more than false advertising and should be treated with the same regard one would have when he opens a box of Cracker Jacks and digs out the cheap trinket that came as a "free" gift when you purchased the box it came in.

The promotion and perpetuation of a myth is often more important to believers than what the Bible teaches.
The Christian "free" gift myth is a prime example of this.
Many Christians demonstrate that the teachings of the Bible are irrelevant when they conflict with a popular myth that serves to advance the religion.
These believers are not subject to the moral principles that they claim their religion symbolizes.
They have no problem bearing false witness to others concerning the most important issue in their religion, which is that of personal salvation.
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